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Solutions with selfadhesive Films for the Industriy


Application Areas

  • Wind Turbine Power
  • Shipbuilding
  • Pipeline
  • Tank Construction / Silos etc.


  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

Wind Turbine Power

  • New Construction
  • Existing Facilites
  • Retrofit
  • Maintenance / Service / Repair


Our Services

  • Surface protection: Anti-corrosion
  • Surface protection: Anti-Graffiti
  • Surface protection: Anti-fouling
  • Surface marking: Safety markings
  • Surface marking: Branding / technical marking

The challenges in the wind power industry:

  • Weather-dependent processing
  • Lengthy drying and waiting times
  • Variations in coating thickness
  • Disregard of mixing ratio for 2K solutions
  • High disposal costs
  • Environmental pollution / contamination / paint splashes / spray mist
  • Health hazards / paint
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The Solutions

Surface coatings with self-adhesive high-performance films. Peper Energy GmbH works closely with Avery Dennison, which has the right film for every application in its portfolio.

The films not only have a protective effect, but also contribute to the positive perception of the facilities. Anti-graffiti films reduce the misuse of the turbines, and in addition various films significantly increase the visibility of the wind turbine.


The various advantages of Avery Dennison products in detail

  • Effective corrosion protection system (component)
  • Corrosion inhibition of up to 15 years - C5 environment (DIN EN ISO 12944-9)
  • For offshore and onshore applications
  • Saves installation time and costs due to simplified layer structure
  • Spot Repair
  • VOC-free - no need to control emissions
  • Non-hazardous to installation crews
  • Easy to apply and repair - no drying time
  • Standard and custom colors (e.g. RAL 7035 matte, 1023 matte, 3020 matte)
  • Color consistency throughout
  • VOC-free - no need to control emissions
  • Non-hazardous to installation crews
  • No maintenance - one time application for product lifetime
  • Less labor - lower cost
  • Durable solution
  • Products are also used for technical labeling
  • Anti-graffiti film that enables easy removal of graffiti
  • One time application
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less effort - less cost
  • Matte and gloss finish
  • Existing graffiti can be covered with a combination of Tower Protection Film & Anti-Graffiti Film (cover & protect)
  • Offshore - Shipbuilding - Harbors - Houseboats
  • Prevention of adhesion under water / splash zone
  • Absolutely environmentally friendly
  • No toxins, no chemicals, no contamination
  • Durability of 5+ years
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less effort - lower costs


Corrosion protection with foil - the special features

  • Reliable corrosion inhibition of up to 15 years
  • Faster implementation due to reduced layer build-up
  • Shorter drying times / time and cost savings
  • High temperature tolerance during installation
  • Uniform coating thickness / uniform protection
  • No environmental pollution / contamination of air and soil
  • No paint mist
  • No health hazards / clean working


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